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Halle Berry naked

New pictures of Halle Berry naked boobs

I simply can”t believe that I didn”t post anything about Halle yet. There is no excuse. Once again, sorry people, it won”t happen again. It”s very hard to keep track of all those naked celebs (they often go naked, you know?) Maybe you saw these pictures already, maybe you didn”t, but I”m sure you won”t mind me posting Halle Berry boobs here! After all, she is sexiest woman alive (according to Esquire). You know what? There are many gorgeous ladies in the world, but Halle is 42 today and she never looked hotter!

Do you know what she said to Esquire? She said that a woman is responsible for her own orgasm which makes her responsible for her own orgasms. She also said that she has much better (stronger) orgasms now, than when she was 22. Now, that”s a woman!

Here are pictures from her new movie Frankie and Alice (I think this is going to be fine movie!)

Halle Berry in Frankie and Alice

And here are the boobs!
Halle Berry boobs picture from Frankie and Alice

I”d suck her nipple whole week!
Halle Berry nipple picture

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Halle Berry naked boobs

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