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Shauna Sand naked

Shauna Sand in a Tiny Bikini

shauna sand tits

Ever since she married Lorenzo Lamas, Shauna Sand has enjoyed her time in the spotlight.  She became the Playmate of the Month just a few short weeks into her marriage, and then started getting little acting jobs.  And of course who could forget her newest claim to fame, her raunchy sex tape!

Even though her work on the silver screen hasn”t been constant, she always seems to bounce back to fame. With that great set of tits Shauna has, it”s no wonder she does! Plastic or not, we have to admit that Shauna Sand”s Tits are remarkably beautiful and big, and that, in and of itself scores her lots of points!

Here are some pictures of the former Playmate in a bikini, showing her perfect body in Malibu Beach, where she currently resides. Bottoms up!

Shauna Sand has really big boobs

Nope, this isn”t post about her sex tape. If you”re interested in Shauna”s tape visit this site. This post is about Shauna Sand showing her big nipples in the car. This babe has really, I mean really big boobs. Ok, there is some plastic, but I would hit her anytime. Here is why:

Shauna Sand big boobs in the car

I can see her nipple!

Shauna Sand nipple picture

I told you! Really big boobs!

Shauna Sand showing her big boobs

Yes, she does look like a pornstar! Click on the picture below to watch her sex tape!

Shauna Sand naked boobs

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