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Viva Bianca naked

Viva Bianca naked in Spartacus

I know you”ve asked yourself who is that hot blonde from Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Well, her name is Viva Bianca (no, it is not some stage name). Apparently, she has no problems showing her naked body all the time. Whenever she shows up in Spartacus I know there”s gonna be some sex scene! Viva definitely knows what is the best way to introduce herself to the public.

She plays the young Roman noblewoman, daughter of some Roman senator. Actually, I don”t care too much about her role. What I do care about is Viva Bianca naked:

As usual, I”ll start with the boobs
Viva Bianca boobs in Spartacus

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Another picture of Viva Bianca boobs from Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Viva Bianca completely naked! Now we”re talking! Before you ask – yes, that is her pussy!
Viva Bianca naked pussy picture in Spartacus

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